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Know PNB Last 5 Transaction By SMS Banking


    PNB Mini Statement 2023

    The customer can get details regarding PNB Last 5 Transactions history by Missed Call banking,SMS Banking and Mobile Banking. As we know Punjab National Bank is one of the largest Bank in term of Market Share. It hold second rank after the largest bank State Bank of India. The United Bank of India and Oriental Bank of commerce’s merger with Punjab National bank helped PNB to get bigger share of customers.

    The PNB mini statement methods will help PNB, United bank of India and Oriental Bank of commerce’s customer. The customer of these three Banks can use PNB Mobile Banking to know their last 5 transactions. The PNB account statement will offer details regarding PNB Last 5 transactions and monthly transactions. Punjab National bank released PNB mPassbook app for account statement.

    The PNB Mini Statement available via below listed methods,

    • PNB Mobile banking App
    • PNB Net Banking
    • PNB Last 5 transaction via SMS Banking
    • Via debit card
    • Passbook
    • PNB mPassbook Application.
    PNB Mini Statement

    PNB Mini Statement

    The methods of PNB Mini Statement will discussed ahead. The SMS Banking is helpful to know your PNB last 5 transaction history. The PNB Balance check number helpful to check only Balance details.

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    PNB Mobile Banking App for PNB Mini Statement

    The PNB Mobile Banking useful to check monthly account statement, PNB last 5 Transaction, weekly account statement. The official PNB Mobile Banking app is PNB One. To check minis statement in PNB Bank use official app. You need to login via your PNB mobile Banking username and password.

    The user interface of PNB One is superb. It is easy to use PNB one app and it will help to do day to day banking activities.

    PNB Net Banking

    PNB Net Banking facility available for PNB, Oriental Bank of commerce and United Bank of India customer. The customer need to login PNB net banking via username and password. You can login via official website. You can use PNB Net Banking facility for the daily banking needs.

    PNB Last 5 Transaction via SMS Banking

    The PNB Last 5 transaction details available at SMS Banking. You need to send SMS “MINSTMT /space/ 16 digit Account Number” to 5607040. Example send SMS like “MINSTMT 1234567891234567” to 5607040. The SMS Banking service provided on registered mobile number only.

    PNB Last 5 Transaction

    PNB Last 5 Transaction

    The customer need to activate SMS Banking facility here. Customer need to visit the Bank to register their mobile number for the SMS banking facility. You can use SMS Banking for PNB Mini statement, cheque status, Self Transfer of fund, Stop payment of cheque. The customer will be charged for SMS Banking facility in Punjab National Bank.

    Know PNB Last 5 Transaction via debit Card

    You can use your PNB Debit card to know PNB last 5 transaction history. The debit card transaction will be counted as non financial transaction. So it is better to use other medium for the PNB mini statement. You need to visit the ATM to check mini statement and balance check.

    PNB mPassbook app for Mini Statement

    The PNB mPassbook app used as Digital Passbook in Punjab National Bank. The App gives you details about your each and every PNB Transactions. The application is available for only retail customers. The current account customer can’t use PNB mPassbook application.

    Customer can check their financial and non financial transaction with the help of PNB MPassbook app. If you have more than one account in PNB Bank then PNB mPassbook will show you mini statement of your all PNB accounts. You can download PNB Mini Statement in PDF format here. You can request for account statement in Mail. Also you can get your interest and TDS certificates.


    The customer of Punjab National Bank can track their account statement, mini Statement via various methods. The SMS banking will give you details regarding your PNB Last 5 transaction. You need to send SMS  “MINSTMT /space/ 16 digit Account Number” to 5607040. After that you will get SMS regarding your PNB Mini Statement.

    The information updated on 23-02-2023. If you find any updated information PNB Mini Statement, PNB transaction history then comment below.

    How Can I check PNB Last 5 Transactions?

    You can check your PNB last 5 transactions details via debit card and SMS Banking. You need to send SMS like “MINSTMT /space/ 16 digit Account Number” to 5607040 to get instant last 5 transactions history.

    PNB Last 5 Transaction