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IndusInd Bank RTGS NEFT Form PDF 2023 Download


    IndusInd Bank RTGS NEFT Form PDF 2023

    IndusInd Bank RTGS form is used to do RTGS in Bank. In RTGS Amount more than 2 Lakh Rs can be transferred to any bank account. IndusInd bank NEFT Form is used to do NEFT in Bank. In IndusInd bank NEFT amount less than 2 lakh can be transferred to any bank account.

    The IndusInd Bank is private sector Bank operating in India. The Bank was founded in 1994. The Promotor Group of IndusInd Bank is Hinduja Group. The IndusInd Bank operate as Scheduled commercial Bank in India. It provide new tech era products to it’s customer. The IndusInd Bank operate more than 2000+ Branches in India.

    The IndusInd Bank always ahead in providing latest technology to it’s customer. Now IndusInd Bank offer online account opening facility to it’s customer. The IndusInd Bank offer wide range of Banking products to it’s customer.

    Download IndusInd Bank RTGS NEFT FORM 2021

    Type : PDF

    Usage : Third party Transactions in IndusInd Bank

    Bank : IndusInd Bank

    Source : IndusInd Bank official Website

    If you want to see preview of IndusInd RTGS and NEFT Form PDF then below image is attached.

    IndusInd Bank RTGS NEFT Form PDF

    IndusInd RTGS NEFT Form PDF

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    How to download IndusInd Bank NEFT And RTGS Form PDF?

    You can download IndusInd Bank RTGS Form PDF from Insuregrams. You can download IndusInd bank NEFT Form PDF from Insuregrams. Download IndusInd Bank RTGS form from here. You can Use this NEFT Form from here.

    Download IndusInd Bank RTGS NEFT FORM 2023

    RTGS and NEFT is electronic payment gateway used by Banks for more secure transactions. RTGS is for real time settlement process. While NEFT done in Banking transaction Batches. IndusInd Bank RTGS stands for Real Time Gross settlement. IndusInd Bank NEFT stands for National Electronic Fund Transfer system. RTGS and NEFT is more reliable, Secure payment gateway for Electronic transaction.



    In RTGS system, Originating and destination bank branches are part of the RTGS network. IN RTGS and NEFT, Beneficiary details such as beneficiary name, account number and account type, name and IFSC of the beneficiary bank branch should be available with the remitter.

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    What is time for IndusInd NEFT and RTGS?

    In IndusInd Bank NEFT facility is available online and customer can avail facility anytime.

    Note: The service of NEFT and RTGS at IndusInd Bank branch available only during working hours.

    In IndusInd Bank RTGS time is shown in table,

    On Working week days Monday to Friday8.00AM to 4:30PM
    On Working Saturdays8.00AM to 4.30PM
    On Sundays and Public HolidaysNo Transaction Allowed

    Download Latest IndusInd Bank RTGS NEFT FORM

    How To Fill IndusInd Bank NEFT and RTGS Form?

    Remember RTGS is used for amount more than 2 lakh Rs. while NEFT is used for amount less than 2 lakh Rs. Here are steps for how to fill IndusInd RTGS and NEFT form .

    • Amount to be remitted: Write exact amount which should be remitted from your account
    • The account number to be debited: Your Insusind Bank account Number from which the transaction amount will be debited.
    • Name of the beneficiary bank and branch: Write clearly beneficiary of your transaction and branch code of beneficiary.
    • The IFSC number of the receiving branch: IFSC code is important in RTGS and NEFT. Please write it in form
    • Name of the beneficiary customer: Customer Name without any mistake
    • Account number of the beneficiary customer: Never mistake in account number. write it carefully.
    • Sender to receiver information, if any required. For tax purpose you can write it.

    Download IndusInd Bank RTGS NEFT FORM PDF

    What are charges for IndusInd RTGS and NEFT?

    The charges for NEFT and RTGS in IndusInd banks are shown in table.

    Amount of RTGS TransactionService Charges
    (Exclusive of GST)
    Rs.2 lakhs & up to Rs.5 lakhsRs. 25
    Above Rs.5 lakhsRs. 50
    Amount of NEFT TransactionService Charges
    (Exclusive of GST)
    Up to Rs.10,000/- Rs. 2.5
    Rs.10,001 and up to Rs.1 lakhRs. 5
    Above Rs.1 lakh and up to Rs.2 lakhsRs.25
    Above Rs.2 lakhsRs.25

    Download IndusInd Bank RTGS NEFT FORM

    Note : For latest charges contact your nearest IndusInd Bank.


    The IndusInd Bank RTGS form PDF is available for Download. The customer can download and use for IndusInd Bank’s RTGS transactions. The RTGS form used if the transaction value is bigger then Rs 2 Lakh. For less then Rs 2 Lakh transaction customer can use IndusInd Bank’s NEFT service.

    The IndusInd Bank is connected with UPI network. Thus customer of IndusInd Bank of can download UPI application and do UPI transactions. For small amount of transaction, the UPI service is more preferable. The IndusInd Bank offer NRI services like remittance, Insurance and credit card services to NRI customer. The advanced mobile application also available for the customer.

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