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ICICI FinnOne Caps Secure Login (WL 130, WL 133)


    ICICI FinnOne Secure Login (WL 130, WL 133)

    If you are looking for ICICI FinnOne or ICICIFinnOne secure login options and information related to ICICI Caps Then you are at right place. For our User we have published guide for ICICI FinnOne Loan Management system. The ICICI FinnOne also known as ICICI Caps portal. The portal is dedicated to Collection Activities related work in ICICI Bank.

    As we already know that, in modern time there is need of paperless digital technology in each and every field. How can ICICI Bank can stood behind in Digital Technology race! For digitalization of Collection activities process, ICICI Bank launched ICICI Caps. You can securely login to ICICI Caps at with your Login USER ID and Password.

    Click here for ICICI FinnOne Secure Login

    ICICI Caps Portal

    As we discussed about collection activities, The system is needed for procession of activities. The full form of ICICI Caps is ICICI Collection Activities Management System. The ICICI Bank’s CAPS activities software owned by Nucleus Software. The software enable ICICI Bank to monitor collection process in Loan service.

    The ICICI Caps portal offer solution related to automate the collection system and keep all the collection records digital. The Bank can increase their efficiency in collection activities. The ICICI’s CAPS portal make all the collection activity contactless.

    Why ICICI FinnOne?

    The ICICI Bank uses ICICI FinnOne to promote digital service to its loan related products. With the use of FinnOne the Bank can calculate interest accrual, payments handling, integrated accounting, loan restructuring, balance transfer, personalized statement of accounts and real-time simulations. Like if the customer wanted to check total interest need to pay during loan cycle, he can check it via ICICI Net banking. The customer’s account is connected to collection activities management system that give data in real time.

    The ICICI FinnOne create real time system which generate paperless bill receipt, GST related receipt. The user can pay their loan dues, send bill copy through SMS and Mail. The mobile portal is available to android and Web OS. The portal can be used for customer acquisition, Loan Management, Loan collection, lending mobility, Enterprise Content Management.

    Usage of ICICI Bank FinnOne?

    The ICICI Bank’s FinnOne portal used in Loan Management system. The Home loan, Mortgage loan can be managed digitally. The other loans like Educational Loans, Loan Against property, Auto loan, Vehicle loans are covered in this portal. The personal loan, Consumer loans, Micro finance loan, gold loans are managed in this software.

    The portal is copyrighted by Nucleus Software Exports Limited. The software requirements are Supported version Internet Explorer 6 and above. The Recommended screen resolution to open Caps Portal is 1024 by 768 pixels.

    ICICI Caps login

    ICICI Caps login

    How to reset password in ICICI FinnOne Caps?

    Below is guide related to ICICI Caps forget password process. you need to login or reset password via ICICI Caps portal.

    1. Go to ICICI Caps portal via
    2. Below is screenshot of official Website, you will see below screen
    3. Now select RESET password option in the portal.
    4. Now enter USER ID, Mobile No, Email
    5. Now your login options related help come in your SMS and Email
    6. Now follow process and complete process of reset password in ICICI Caps.
    7. You can follow same process to UNLOCK USER.
    ICICI Finnone login

    ICICI Finnone login


    How to Login ICICI CAPS FinnOne?

    Reach to Official ICICI Caps Website

    You can login to ICICI Caps Portal via its official website. For login Go to ICICI Caps portal via

    Enter your USER ID and Password

    Now login screen will appear. You can see login option on right side. Enter your ICICI caps User ID and Password. If you forget your password then you can reset your password.

    Now submit login credentials

    You can submit your login credential after click on Login option. If your login USER ID is locked then you can unlock your Login ID.


    The ICICI Caps is really helpful portal for collection activities processing management. You can login ICICI FinnOne Portal via your USER ID and Password. If you want any help regarding this topic, you can comment. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

    ICICI Caps login