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How to find CIF number in Indian bank?


    Indian Bank

    CIF Number in Indian banks can be find with five methods. Indian bank is a state-owned financial bank. Indian bank’s amalgamation process is started and it will merge with Allahabad bank on April 1, 2020. Indian Bank offers digitalization to serve its customers well. its headquarter is in Chennai.

    Indian Bank

    Indian Bank

    Find CIF Number In Indian Bank

    CIF number stands for the customer identification file number. In Indian Bank, the CIF number consists of 9 digits. In this article, we will analyze methods to find CIF numbers in Indian Bank.

    cif number in indian bank

    CIF Indian bank

    • Method 1: Find Indian Bank’s CIF number in the passbook. You can find it on the first page of the Passbook.
    • Method 2: Find Indian Bank’s CIF number in the cheque book. You can find it on the first page of the Cheque Book.
    • Method 3: With the help of customer care you can get your Indian bank’s cif number. You can call on 180042500000  from your registered mobile number.
    • Method 4: You can visit your nearest branch of Indian bank to get your CIF number.
    • Method 5: You can get your customer identification file number by log in to your account with net banking.

    These are ways to get your CIF number in Indian banks. Insuregrams is an educational blog. Use the information wisely.


    CIF Number Indian bank