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How to Create SBI Virtual Card in 2023?


    SBI Virtual Card

    The cyber attacks on Banking websites are increasing day by day. To tackle this problem most of premium banks come with the idea of Virtual Cards. State Bank of India is one of such banks who allow the user to create Virtual Cards for their online payment protection. SBI Virtual Card is for temporary use.

    Virtual card solve your security problem. Even most of Indian Bank offer virtual card to their customer. Customer should try to create habit to use secured payment gateway. Even Reserve Bank of India wanted to implement the tokenized system for the credit card and debit card payments. The State Bank of India customer can create virtual card for their debit card easily.

    SBI virtual card

    SBI virtual card

    The creation of the SBI Virtual card can be done from the official SBI website. I.e. It is easy to create and also a convenient option for a user who is worried about privacy.

    Note down that SBI virtual Card is one type of debit card, Not a credit card. It is useful for only online payments, Not offline payments. 

    When you create a virtual card, you need to select your account number from which the amount will be debited. When you shop with your virtual card, the amount will be debited from your account. SBI Virtual Card is one type of E-card (electronic Card). Temporary credit card number created with the help of And this number is used against use of Debit card.

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    Benefits Of State Bank of India SBI Virtual Card

    The customer can get benefits from using Virtual Card. If customer suspect any suspicious activities then they should use virtual card. Even customer is using payment gateway for the first time then they should use virtual card for the transactions. The Benefits are listed Below.

    • It allows the user to protect their actual debit card : The user can hide true identity of original debit card details. like Debit card Pin, Debit card number, CVV number of SBI debit card.
    • Fraud related activities can be stopped : As the true debit card details are hidden, customer can stop fraudulent activities on their account.
    • Protection against Hacking : The Hacker use cookies or saved payment details of the customer. As no true payment details are shared, customer can stop hacking of their account.
    • Protection against phishing attack
    • Useful where VISA or Mastercard payment is accepted : The virtual card can be used against visa and Mastercard payment gateway. This service provide gateway for the international payment gateway.
    • Great security
    • Free of cost issued : The customer can create State Bank of India Virtual Card at free of cost. So there is no additional charge to use virtual card.
    • The transaction can be done without providing the primary card/account information to the merchant.

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    Terms for using State Bank of India Virtual Card

    There are certain limitation of Virtual Debit card. The Virtual card information only useful for the online Banking transacti0ns. The customer can use their SBI debit card for the offline merchant transactions. Only SBI customers are allowed to create SBI virtual card in State Bank of India.

    The debit card transaction will be done in the Rupee currency. If you wanted to do transaction in Dollar or other international currency then use regular debit card. Also the customer can do online transaction only in India, Nepal, Bhutan.  For the security reason it can be used only for one transaction. After one time usage of SBI virtual card customer need to create another for other transaction.

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    How To Create a State Bank of India Virtual Card

    The virtual card creation is very easy in State Bank of India. If you wanted to create virtual card then follow below steps.

    Step 1: Go to the SBI Official website. i.e.

    SBI official website

    SBI official website

    Step 2: Log in to your account with your username and password. You can use a Virtual keyboard for your protection.

    Step 3: Now Go to E-Card Option. Select the E-card Option.

    create SBI Virtual card

    Step 4: Now go to Generate virtual Card Option.

    Step 5: Now enter the amount in option. The amount will be used in an online transaction when you do transaction. You need to select an account from which the amount will be debited against your virtual card transaction.

    Step 6: On the next selection, you will receive OTP for creation of a Virtual Card. Validate it with your OTP.

    Step 7: Now your SBI Virtual card is ready to use. You can use for your next online transaction.


    The State Bank of India Virtual card help to you hide your card details in online transactions. Thus it make your main card more safe during online transaction. Even during renewal time, the purchaser can’t debit money without your knowledge. As we seen SBI virtual card is easy to create and use. So if you want to do transaction in New or suspicious portal then must use this virtual card to avoid frauds.

    Remember: when you create state bank of India virtual card, a certain amount will be blocked in your account. The unused money will be credited to your account. Insuregrams other article on SBI HRMS is available on a website.

    SBI virtual card