How to check SBI Credit Card Status Best Guide

Check SBI Credit Card Status

State Bank of India has the best range of credit card verities. State bank of India Offers different types of credit cards for the different needs of the customer. The State Bank of India offers credit cards like Lifestyle card, Reward Credit Cards, Business credit cards, Travel Credit Cards, shopping credit cards.

The SBI Credit Card status can be checked online and offline. When the Customer applies for a credit card, the customer gets a reference number for their application. SBI Credit card application status can be checked with this reference number. The reference number can be entered at SBI Card website.

The State Bank of India offers credit cards like SBI elite Credit Card, SBI Doctor’s Credit Card, SBI Elite Advantage Card, SBI Prime Card, also many more verities. This card application can be done at SBI Branches and many sales executives make this work easier. You need to check your SBI credit card application status and also its benefits.

As the above-mentioned customer can get application status with the reference number. But without application reference number customers can check credit card application status.

Check SBI Credit card status

Steps To Check SBI Credit Card Status Online

  • Step 1: Visit the official SBI Credit Card Status. Click here to go official website.
  • Step 2: The pop up will appear like this. Fill the details and you will get your credit card application status. You need to enter your mobile number and reference number here.

    SBI credit card status online


Check SBI Credit card status without Reference Number

  • To check the Credit card status without a reference number. You need to retrieve the application number from the official website.
  • This process can be done via sbicard website. access website from here.
  • You will get an option to retrieve application number also option to check application status.
  • By entering your details you can check SBI Credit card status.

Check SBI credit card application status

Also, you can track the SBI card application status by calling to customer care number.

Tracking SBI card status is so easy with the following options.

Check SBI Card status by Customer Care

  • You can check your status by calling to customer care number.
  • The customer care number are
    • 1860-180-1290 which is toll-free.
    • +39-02-02-02 after calling this number you need to enter your city code.

By this three-way, you can get the status of your application.

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