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How to check SBI CIF Number?


    Full form of CIF?

    The full of CIF number is Customer Information File Number. Example in SBI, SBI CIF number is given. Every customer has a unique CIF number related to their bank account. Because of CIF number, the bank can track their different account holder. Banks can use the information for better optimization of operation. We will also show the way to Find SBI CIF Number.

    Every Bank uses different techniques and formats for generating CIF numbers. The banks were forced to create customer information file number because of Banking regulation. Even if you have multiple bank account in one bank but still one Customer identification number is given.

    Customer Information File number is related to banking and it is an important term in the Banking Industry. CIF number is one of the popular term and every account holder has its CIF number. In different banks, the customer has their different but unique CIF number.

    It helps banks to identify an individual customer. For example, If you have more than one account in one bank, then you get a different bank account related to different individual accounts. But only the Customer Information File number is provided. It contains numerical digits and it represents individual account holder’s information.

    Also, Banks offer various loan offers, credit card offers by analyzing personal and financial details with help of CIF Number. CIF number is also known as customer ID in other Banking Institutions. Like HDFC Bank use Customer ID term instead of using CIF number term. The number can contain 10 to 13 digits.

    In this post you can get details on what is CIF number, meaning, importance, how to find it, SBI CIF number. Read out our full post for more details.

    What is CIF Number

    What is CIF number?

    What is the importance of CIF number?

    • It is used to get a User ID
    • Used in Internet Banking and Mobile Banking
    • With CIF number,  total information related to customer’s holding can be traced. Customer’s Holding can be Demat account, Fixed Deposits, saving account details, recurring deposits.
    • Personal details of the customer are saved in the CIF number.
    • It is a virtual File.

    How to Find CIF Number in any Bank?

    The CIF number can be found in two main ways.

    • Online Technique
      • Net Banking: By login to your bank account, you can find your SBI CIF number online.
      • Application: By using the mobile application of your respective bank. you can get your CIF number.
      • Mobile Banking: By the use of mobile banking, you can find it.
    • Offline Technique:
      • Passbook: You can find your customer identification file number in your Passbook
      • Cheque Book: You can find it on cheque book’s front page. Find the term Customer id/CIF.
      • Customer Care: You can call your customer care to get your identification file number.
      • Banker: You can visit your bank’s branch to get your identification number.
    cif number

    Way to Find CIF number

    How to find SBI CIF number?

    Every Bank use CIF number/Customer id. SBI bank also offers CIF number. You can find your SBI CIF number by below-listed ways. You can find the SBI CIF number online and offline both ways. SBI CIF number used to classify each customer in different segments. State bank of India is the largest public sector bank in India. The State bank of India serves many customers daily.

    • Option 1: Find CIF Number with Net Banking Facility
      • Log in to your SBI account.
      • Use your username and password to log in in Account
      • Now Go to the account statement. here you will find SBI CIF Number
    sbi cif number

    SBI CIF Number Online

    • Option 2: Find SBI CIF number with Mobile Application
      • Open your mobile application
      • log in with password & username
      • Go to Account Statement
    • Option 3: You can find your CIF number from your Frontpage of Cheque book.
    • Option 4: You can find your CIF number from your Frontpage of Passbook.
    • Option 5: You can call SBI customer care to get your CIF number.
      • You can call on 1800 11 2211
      • You can call on 1800 425 3800
      • You can call on 080-26599990.

    From these techniques, you can find your SBI CIF Number. Insuregrams is an educational blog, please use information wisely.

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