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Complete Guide to Invest In Mutual Funds in 2023


    Guide to Invest In Mutual Funds in 2023

    Mutual funds are an attractive investment pool when you don’t have proper knowledge about the share market. If you want to invest your hard-earned money than you can easily invest in mutual funds. As major global markets were down in 2020, it becomes a wise option to invest in mutual funds after 2020. The customer can try online mutual fund via Groww app.

    There is some investment idea like buying property, equity share, commodity, gold, fixed deposit, recurring deposit. These options are available from historical time for investors. Nowadays, an investor is looking for better investment options. A mutual fund can be a wise option for investment purposes in India.

    The customer can try online portals to buy investment in India. Sometime, customer don’t know current market trends, so they try to get advice from the Banking staff, Mutual fund distributers, Mutual fund agents. The customer must consult with their wealth advisor before buying any mutual fund to avoid losses.

    mutual funds in india

    Invest in mutual funds

    Types of Mutual funds in India

    In the Indian Mutual fund market now companies are offering different type of Mutual fund. The customer must look risk capacity before buying mutual fund. The main 4 types of mutual funds in India are

    1. Equity: Equity Mutual funds are funds that invest in equity in the share market.
    2. Fixed Income: Fixed Income funds are relatively safe for investment. Because in Fixed Income funds, the money of investors is invested in treasury bonds, Government bonds.
    3. Money Market: Money Market funds are shot terms in nature. Also, it is open-ended funds. Used to invest in the Cash market.
    4. Hybrid: It is a combination of two or more types of mutual funds. They invest in Bond Market, Securities, Gold, Equity market. The combination and percentage of investment types are decided.
    Types of Mutual Funds in india

    Main Types of mutual Funds

    Also, Mutual funds also can be classified as

    • Open-End Funds: In Open-End Funds, the investment can be done at any time.
    • Closed-End Funds: They did not allow to invest at any time. An only a specific time is given for investment.

    Why Mutual Funds for Investment?

    There are many benefits that can be availed if Mutual fund is selected for investment. Mutual Funds are the best investment idea for long term investment. Mutual funds in India gives the best return if long term investment is done. To invest in mutual funds, You should invest in the right type of mutual funds. Based on your risk-taking ability you should select mutual funds.

    invest in mutual fund

    Benefits of mutual funds

    • High Return In Mutual Funds: Generally mutual Funds gives high return as compared to Fixed Deposits. Many salaried people prefer mutual funds over fixed deposits. The high return on mutual funds is given as funds are invested by professional and skilled management. Highly professional Mutual Fund managers use investor’s money for a better return on money invested.
    • Professional Management In Mutual funds: The best part of a mutual fund is, your money is handled by Professional Managers. The money is invested in a different market, Equity. Most people don’t have qualified knowledge about the share market i.e. Equity Market. The fund manager has sufficient knowledge and they invest in a better way to generate more money.
    • To Fight against Inflation: Inflation is a headache for any person as it wipes out a real gain on return. As mutual funds give more return it helps a person to fight against inflation.
    • Low Cost: It is easy to invest money in mutual funds. also, any person with a small amount can invest in mutual funds. Even some application gives the option to invest money with a small amount. The benefits of brokerage fees are also given to small investors. A small amount can be invested it is less costly.
    • Convenience: Based on the type of mutual funds, mutual fund holder gets convenient options to liquidate money in needy time. Also, investment is convenient for an investor.
    • Diversification: User can diversify their portfolio. The diversification of money is important.
    • High Transparency: Because of high regulation, the mutual fund industry is highly transparent.

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    Guidance before Invest money in Mutual Funds

    • Historical Data: Before Investment, in an open-end mutual fund, analysis of historical return should analysis. The risk factor should be analyzed.
    • Type of Mutual Funds: On based on risk-taking ability, choose the right type of mutual funds.
    • Set Investment Goal: Set your investment goal and choose a monthly investment.
    • Don’t go for a lump sum amount: Start with a Systemic Investment plan and avoid the investment of a large sum.
    • Hidden Charges: Analysis Hidden charges like portfolio management expenses of fund managers.
    • Tax: The tax rate of calculation should be done.

    How to Invest in mutual funds in India?

    There are certain ways by which a person can invest money in mutual funds. The mutual funds can be brought from mutual fund agents, Mutual Fund Agencies, Online websites, certain applications. The fund houses have work of distribution of mutual funds. Also, the user needs to fill a form regarding their application to purchase mutual funds.

    Mutual Fund Brokers are also distributors of mutual funds. Also, Mutual fund has its respective website from which a user can buy mutual funds. Nowadays many applications are offering mutual funds. NJ Distributors, Groww are Mutual Fund distributor from a person can buy a mutual fund directly.

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    mutual funds in india