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Bandhan Bank Net Banking and CIF number Best Guide


    Bandhan Bank Net Banking

    Bandhan Bank Net Banking facility is provided for a better facility and Digitalization. Bandhan Bank is one of the Private sector banks in India. Bandhan Bank’s headquarter is situated in Kolkata. The growth of Bandhan Bank is unbeatable in recent days.

    Bandhan Bank offer Loans to a corporate and retail customer. Also, Bandhan Bank offers a Credit card facility for its customer. You can apply for a Credit card if you have an account in Bandhan bank.

    Bandhan Bank is also famous for it’s fixed deposit rates. Bandhan Bank Offers attractive fixed deposit rates in India. In this article, we will give details on the net banking facility of Bandhan bank and Also on how to find CIF numbers in Bandhan Bank.

    Bandhan bank net banking

    Bandhan bank net banking

    Bandhan Bank Net Banking Registration

    If you are new to Bandhan Bank, You need to first register for net banking in Bandhan Bank. After successful registration, you can use the Bandhan Bank Net Banking Facility.

    • Step 1: You need debit card, Account number details for registration of net banking.
    • Step 2: Go to the official website of Bandhan Bank.

    Bandhan Bank Log In page

    • Step 3: Select Log In option. Then proceed ahead.
    • Step 4: On login Page, you find new user button.
    bandhan bank net banking

    Bandhan Bank New user

    • Step 5: Confirm all the instructions given.  Then enter the CIF number. And continue ahead.
    Bandhan Bank user guidance

    Bandhan Bank user guidance

    • Step 6: Enter account number, date of birth, Bandhan bank debit card number, and debit card details.
    • Step 7: You will get an OTP. Give OTP and continue. In the next screen give ATM Pin. Now Select Username for your Net Banking facility. Also, create a password.

    Bandhan Bank Net Banking Login

    If you are a registered user for net banking Bandhan bank. then you can log in for the net banking facility in Bandhan Bank. And can enjoy Bandhan Bank Internet banking. here are steps for login option Bandhan Bank Online banking. The official website is used for the registration process of net banking in Bandhan bank. You can get help from the Bank employee. They will help you personally for the registration process.

    • Step 1: Go to the official website of Bandhan Bank.
    • Step 2: Select the Bandhan Bank Net Banking option By net banking Personal. Now you will go to other pages
    • Step 3: Go to the login page. select option Continue for login.
    • Step 4: Enter your Username and continue ahead.
    • Step 5: Now enter your password.

    How to get Bandhan Bank CIF Number?

    CIF number stands for the customer identification file number. In Bandhan Bank, the CIF number consists of certain digits. Bandhan Bank CIF number can be foud with some methods. In this article, we will help to find Bandhan Bank CIF number. Bandhan bank net banking require customer id.

    Bandhan Bank CIF number

    Bandhan Bank CIF number

    • Method 1: Find the Bandhan Bank‘s CIF number in the passbook. You can find it on the first page of the Passbook. When you apply for opening a new account with Bandhan Bank, you will get passbook. You will get an account number, CIF number, Branch code in it.
    • Method 2: Find the Bandhan Bank‘s CIF number in the cheque book. You can find it on the first page of the Cheque Book. Your Bandhan Cheque Book also consists of your personal details.
    • Method 3: With the help of customer care you can get your Bandhan Bank’s CIF number. You can call at the toll-free number 18002588181 and provide your account number, or other details.
    • Method 4: You can visit your nearest branch of Bandhan Bank to get your CIF number.
    • Method 5: You can get your customer identification file number by log in to your account with Bandhan Bank net banking.
    • Method 6: You can see your CIF number in your monthly account statement.

    These are ways to get your CIF number in Indian banks. Insuregrams is an educational blog. Use the information wisely.


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