Bandhan Bank Mini Statement

The Bandhan Bank stood ahead when it comes to provide latest banking facilities. The Bank offer missed call banking, SMS Banking, Mobile and internet Banking to its customer. The Bandhan Bank Mini statement number provided to check mini statement via missed call. If you wanted to check Bandhan Bank Balance via Missed call then dial 9223008666.

The Bandhan Bank mini statement useful to check account activities. You can track your account spending, charges deducted from account, third party account transactions. The customer must analysis account statement and mini statement. Monthly account statement provided by Bank in EMail. If you are not getting your account statement in mail then contact Bank’s Branch or call on customer care number.

The Mini statement in Bandhan Bank checked via below listed ways,

  • Bandhan Bank Mini statement number
  • Bandhan Bank SMS Banking
  • Bandhan bank Mobile Banking app
  • Internet Banking
  • BHIM Bandhan UPI App
Bandhan Bank Mini statement

Bandhan Bank Mini statement

You can request for specific period related transaction details via mobile Banking and internet banking. For income tax if you wanted to get yearly account statement then you can get it. The Bandhan Bank mini statement gives details about last 5 transaction on your Bandhan Bank account.

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Bandhan Bank Mini Statement Number

Bandhan Bank mini statement number is missed call Banking number. When you call on mini statement number you will get your Bandhan Bank account’s last 5 transactions. The Bandhan Bank launched miss call banking for two purpose.

  1. To check Bandhan Bank account Balance
  2. To check mini statement.

The Bandhan Bank mini statement number is 9223008777. Dial 9223008777 from your Bandhan Bank account’s registered mobile number to get mini statement instantly. When customer dial 9223008777 then the call automatically disconnected. After sometime, you will get Bandhan Bank mini statement in SMS.

The Bandhan Bank Mini statement number is toll free number. Customer can dial Bandhan Bank mini statement number anytime to get mini statement. The Bandhan Bank Balance check number is differ from Bandhan Bank mini statement number.

Remember, Dial Bandhan Bank mini statement number from registered mobile number. If your mobile number not registered with the bank then Use SMS Banking or call customer care number to register it.

Bandhan Bank Mini statement Number

Bandhan Bank Mini statement Number

If you have more than two account then mini statement provided of primary account via miss call. If you want to change your primary account then send SMS “SETPRIME <Account Number>” to 9223011000. After your primary account change, you will get prime account’s mini statement. The Bandhan Bank mini statement number provide only balance of primary account.

Bandhan Bank SMS Banking

The Bandhan Bank SMS Banking service useful for Balance check, mini statement, cheque status, stop cheque payment and many more. The customer can register mobile number via Bandhan Bank SMS banking.

If you want to use Bandhan Bank mini statement number then register your mobile number via sms banking. The Bandhan Bank’s SMS banking number is 9223011000. The customer can check account Balance by SMS “BAL <account number>” to 9223011000.

If you want to check Bandhan Bank mini statement then send SMS “MINI <account statement” to 9223011000. Example send MINI 1234123412341234 to 9223011000. By using Mini + account number keyword you can check your account balance anytime.

Bandhan Bank Mini Statement via Mobile Banking

The Mobile banking app of Bandhan Bank is mBandhan Mobile App. The mBandhan Mobile App useful to conduct financial transaction, check debit card and debit card. Customer can check mini statement and account statement via mobile application.

Remember only use official mobile banking application. Download app only from trusted source to avoid fraud. You need to login via User ID and password. After login you can check your account activities including account statement.

Bandhan Bank Internet Banking

The Bandhan Bank internet banking provide most of Banking services. The customer need to use Bandhan Bank’s official website for Net Banking. Use official website for net banking.


The Bandhan Bank mini statement provided via online and offline methods, both. The Bandhan Bank mini statement number 9223008777 gives you mini statement without active internet. Customer can use official app or website for the account statement purpose. You must check account statement in order to check account charges and financial transactions.

If you get any update regarding mini statement number, SMS banking, Bandhan Bank’s mini statement then comment below. We will update article. The information was updated on 23-12-2021.