Andhra Bank RTGS NEFT Form PDF 2020 Download

Andhra Bank RTGS NEFT Form PDF

Andhra Bank RTGS form is used to do RTGS in Bank. In RTGS Amount more than 2 Lakh Rs can be transferred to any bank account. Andhra bank NEFT Form is used to do NEFT in Bank. In Andhra bank NEFT amount less than 2 lakh can be transferred to any bank account.

Download Andhra Bank RTGS NEFT FORM

How to download Andhra Bank RTGS And NEFT Form PDF?

You can download Andhra Bank RTGS Form PDF from Insuregrams. You can download Andhra bank NEFT Form PDF from Insuregrams. Download Andhra Bank RTGS form from here. You can Use this NEFT Form from here.

Download Andhra Bank RTGS NEFT FORM

RTGS and NEFT is electronic payment gateway used by Banks for more secure transactions. RTGS is for real time settlement process. While NEFT done in Banking transaction Batches. Andhra Bank RTGS stands for Real Time Gross settlement. Andhra Bank NEFT stands for National Electronic Fund Transfer system. RTGS and NEFT is more reliable, Secure payment gateway for Electronic transaction.


In RTGS system, Originating and destination bank branches are part of the RTGS network. IN RTGS and NEFT, Beneficiary details such as beneficiary name, account number and account type, name and IFSC of the beneficiary bank branch should be available with the remitter.

What is time for Andhra NEFT and RTGS?

In Andhra Bank NEFT facility is available online and customer can avail facility anytime.

Note: The service of NEFT and RTGS at Andhra Bank branch available only during working hours.

NEFT Time in Andhra Bank Monday to Saturday :  08:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs

NEFT works on all days except on 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month, Sundays and National Holidays

In Andhra Bank RTGS time is shown in table,

On Working week days Monday to Friday 8.00AM to 4.00PM
On Working Saturdays 8.00AM to 4.00PM
On Sundays and Public Holidays No Transaction Allowed

Download Andhra Bank RTGS NEFT FORM

How To Fill Andhra Bank RTGS and NEFT Form?

Remember RTGS is used for amount more than 2 lakh Rs. while NEFT is used for amount less than 2 lakh Rs. Here are steps for how to fill Andhra RTGS and NEFT form .

  • Amount to be remitted: Write exact amount which should be remitted from your account
  • The account number to be debited: Your Andhra Bank account Number from which the transaction amount will be debited.
  • Name of the beneficiary bank and branch: Write clearly beneficiary of your transaction and branch code of beneficiary.
  • The IFSC number of the receiving branch: IFSC code is important in RTGS and NEFT. Please write it in form
  • Name of the beneficiary customer: Customer Name without any mistake
  • Account number of the beneficiary customer: Never mistake in account number. write it carefully.
  • Sender to receiver information, if any required. For tax purpose you can write it.

Download Andhra Bank RTGS NEFT FORM

What are charges for Andhra RTGS and NEFT?

The charges for NEFT and RTGS in Andhra banks are shown in table.

Amount of RTGS Transaction Service Charges
(Exclusive of GST)
Rs.2 lakhs & up to Rs.5 lakhs Rs. 25
Above Rs.5 lakhs Rs. 50
Amount of NEFT Transaction Service Charges
(Exclusive of GST)
Up to Rs. 10000  Rs. 2
Rs.10,001 and up to Rs.1 lakh Rs. 4.5
Above Rs.1 lakh and up to Rs.2 lakhs Rs.14.50
Above Rs.2 lakhs Rs.25

Download Andhra Bank RTGS NEFT FORM

Andhra Bank NEFT and RTGS Helpline Details

Below are details for NEFT and RTGS Helpline Details.

  • Andhra Bank, Service Centre,
    11, Homi Modi Street, Bansilal Building
    Fort, MUMBAI 400 001
    Phone : 022-22168047/22161075
    email: [email protected]

Download Andhra Bank RTGS NEFT FORM

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